My Story

My name is Gabi. I’m a Mama to 2 amazing humans. My Teeny Love, and Baby Lynny. I’m an empath & medium. I’m also a thyroid cancer survivor. Something I don’t talk about much because it’s SO long ago. I became a Mama at 21. As a result of a physically, emotionally & mentally abusive relationship. Her father passed away in a motorcycle accident in 2005. Simply put, my baby girl saved my life.

I grew up in a tiny town in NM. I dropped out of HS, and college and have stumbled my way thru this life. I launched a Direct Sales business in 2013 to get myself out of $60k in debt. I promoted to the top 1% of the company. Paid off all my debt and made multiple 6 figures for years before I resigned and moved on.


I moved cross - country when I married my Husband in 2017. We met online in 2014 and what a wild ride it has been. Funny story I didn’t tell my Hubs til WAYYYY later in our relationship. I was single for what seemed like a lifetime. I was 38 when we got married. I had this hand obsession for YEARS. Because I kept having this dream where I get married and the ONLY things I could see about him was that he was TALL (only ever saw the back of his head) and I could see his hands. And they had this VERY distinct what I thought was a scar on his hand. I am married to my Hubs because I slid in his DM’s on the dating site. I literally heard a voice say “that’s your husband” when I did my search and his profile popped up on the first page. Upper right hand corner. He flew in to meet me 12 days later and he reached over to hold my hand and the scar I had seen for probably 7-10 years in my dream was RIGHT there. Ya’ll I almost passed out of shock. 6 years later we are happily married and he’s the most amazing stepdad to my girl, and the most wonderful Daddy to our son. 


However, the highlight reel you see doesn’t show the WORK we put in. Something we promise to tackle more of our story and how we got to this really incredible place. 


My daughter is 20 now. She’s Firefighter & EMT, she’s also in school for a Business degree. There are not, nor will there ever be enough words for how proud I am of the woman that she is. She is my hero. But she’s also my best friend. Spilling ALL the tea with her and our FaceTime chats and time I get to spend with her are everything to me. And I ugly cry all the way from the airport when she has to go home, or when I fly home from a visit. Its rough. She’s the most incredible human being. And the original love of my life. Don’t miss my launch episode with her. It’s SO fun and SO us.


My son is 17 months and he’s a heart baby. Which means that he has several heart defects that required 2 open heart surgeries by his 5th month of life. He will need one more in a few years. Being a Mama again at 40 has been WILD. My body did NOT snap back like it did at 21. I struggled with absolutely debilitating postpartum depression and anxiety when we lost our baby Rainbow before we got baby Lynny. One of his nurses when he was inpatient post op said “that boy is PURE sunshine” and I couldn’t agree more. 


I’m a HUGE therapy, advocate. HUGE. Everyone in the whole entire world NEEDS therapy. It doesn’t make you weak to say you need to talk to someone to help you sort thru and heal from the life that has been thrown at you. I wouldn’t have gotten thru what I have without it. 


I could write a whole entire novel about my life. But the easiest way to figure out who I am and what I’m about is The Resilient Heart Podcast. I share, sometimes cry my way thru all the things in life. While I’m sharing and highlighting the stories of women just like us who have been knocked on our ass in life. And come out on top (or are in the process of healing from it all) 

Please stay tuned as this website gets changed and content added. I need more pictures on here of me, and of my beautiful family. I also need to get some photo shoots planned. The ‘Rona ruined all my family photo plans in March. 


Welcome. Please add and follow me on social. I want to connect with you. I’m so happy you’re here. I can’t wait to cheer you on, and pour love into you.

"I'm not meant to just stay quiet

I'm meant to be a lion

I'll roar beyond a song

With every moment that I've got

True to who You are

You saw my heart

And made

Something out of nothing

I don't need my name in lights

I'm famous in my Father's eyes

Make no mistake

He knows my name

I'm not living for applause

I'm already so adored

It's all His stage - Francesca Battistelli."